When Podcasting Isn’t Making the Money, Maybe The Webinar Will!

As a podcaster, you know that podcasting is typically not an income generator. It can be a great funnel to generate income through consulting, products, and even sponsorships. But podcasting itself? Unless you’re hired by a company to be a podcaster, you’ll probably be doing it for free.

As your podcast grows however, you become more credible and people will want to connect with you in other ways. They may even want you to offer a product so they can get more of what you teach. You’ll have more opportunities to make more intimate connections and quite possibly provide those same people with something they really need. [Read more…]

Your Libsyn Download Stats May Look a Little Different Now

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source: blog.libsyn.com

Libsyn announced that they are redesigning their stats system to allow for IAB compliance.  What this means is that podcasters will see new features and changes to their stats reporting. It also means that advertisers will now have access to more accurate, measurable data.

In fact Libsyn states that what you may have been seeing for download numbers up to this point could have been inflated due to bots, sampling, pre-loading players or pages, and “ill-behaving podcast apps”. On top of that, the larger the media file, the greater the variation. [Read more…]

Apple Podcast Analytics Will Finally Reveal Data Podcasters Want to Know

At a recent Worldwide Developer’s Conference, Apple talked about podcasting and their new Podcast Analytics feature that should be released later this year.

They shared some interesting facts about podcasting:

  • There are over 400,000 podcasts in iTunes with 1000 being added each week
  • In 2016, they served up to 10 billion episode downloads and streaming plays across iOS, macOS and tvOS, up from 8 billion in 2015
  • They’re on track for 20% growth
  • iOS11 adds support for seasons
  • They will strip HTML, CDATA, and RTF in existing “Summary” tags because they will now appear in several places

Apple also discussed their new feature, something podcasters have been hoping to see in their lifetime: [Read more…]

Why Your Stitcher Downloads Will Probably Sink

Stitcher just sent out an email stating that they are going to be changing the way podcast download numbers are tallied. Does this mean you will see a decrease in download numbers in your Stitcher partner portal?

In October, it appears they are going to stop counting pings and “front page impressions” as downloads which will likely cause the numbers to be more accurate.

Wait, weren’t they accurate before? [Read more…]

Getting guests

meonmicI used to interview guests on my show, then eventually I went solo. But when I was interviewing, I received some big names like Jeff Olson (he wrote The Slight Edge), Mike Robbins (Hayhouse author), Dan Millman, and a few others. I learned a few things along the way when it came to connecting with people of interest, so I wanted to share many of the methods I used below.

And if you’re not well-known yet, don’t let it stop you from asking. I received many yes’s even though the guest never heard of me.

Don’t hold back, just ask!

How and where to find guests for your podcast: [Read more…]