Getting guests

meonmicI used to interview guests on my show, then eventually I went solo. But when I was interviewing, I received some big names like Jeff Olson (he wrote The Slight Edge), Mike Robbins (Hayhouse author), Dan Millman, and a few others. I learned a few things along the way when it came to connecting with people of interest, so I wanted to share many of the methods I used below.

And if you’re not well-known yet, don’t let it stop you from asking. I received many yes’s even though the guest never heard of me.

Don’t hold back, just ask!

How and where to find guests for your podcast: [Read more…]

Is Your Podcast not Getting Found in Google Play?

google play logo

Image courtesy of Google, Inc

If your podcast is listed in Google Play, have you tried searching for it using the keywords that you’ve included in your main description, episode titles, or episode descriptions? And if so, has your show appeared? If not, read on.

I’ve discovered if you don’t place your most important keywords into the first two paragraphs of your podcast description, your show may never get found organically in Google Play! [Read more…]

Dealing With Haters and Bad Reviews on your Podcast

iTunes reviews

It happens to the best of us. We’re reading through all the reviews of our podcast filling up on a healthy dose of pride, then we see the one (or more) reviews that stop our heart for a second because of how awful it is.

Example review that isn’t too far from truth:
“This might be the worst show I’ve ever heard. The audio sounds like it’s coming from a tin can and I’ve heard this very same interview on 12 other shows. The host interrupts constantly and just sounds like he’s reading a script. If I hear ‘Wow, that’s powerful’ one more time, I’m going to vomit. I highly recommend you avoid this show and listen to one of the thousand other shows that really do podcasting right.”

OUCH!! [Read more…]

How Do I Promote My Podcast Without Breaking the Bank?

promote podcast before podfades market make money podcastingPodcasting is a marketing channel in itself. When you create a new show and provide the RSS feed to iTunes, you should appear in the iTunes New and Noteworthy section. This is like the front page of the podcast world and may be the most exposure you’ll ever receive for your show. [Read more…]

Google Play Music Now Does Podcasts… Tell Them You Have a Show!

android podcastsIt’s official, Google Play Music has announced that it will now include podcasts in its lineup of things to listen to. According to the Official Android Blog, “…we plan to start offering podcasts on Google Play Music, giving podcasters access to millions of new listeners on Android phones and tablets.”

Sound good? [Read more…]