Speed Up Your Podcast Release Steps with Evernote Checkboxes and Hyperlinks!

lievernote checklist todo podcast releaseAfter you create an episode for your podcast, the next step is to edit it, produce it, tag it, upload it to a media host, post links to it in social media, and sometimes a lot more. A checklist is highly valuable to make sure you don’t miss a step, and will save you some brain function on those late nights when you’re running up against the clock.

I’ve been using Evernote for my podcast release checklist for a while now. Here’s why: [Read more…]

The Easy Way to Copy Your iTunes Podcast Reviews

itunes reviews podcastIf you’ve ever wanted to copy those amazing podcast reviews from iTunes to paste into your own website, but were discouraged to find out that the iTunes’ interface doesn’t allow text selection or highlighting of any sort, here’s one method I found to do it (note: This method seems to only work with the latest 50 reviews)

PS: In order for this to work, your show needs to be listed on podbay.fm. If your show is already listed in iTunes, it is most likely listed in podbay.fm as well. 

Here are the steps: [Read more…]

How to Auto-Post Your New Blog Posts to Twitter and LinkedIn

This article describes how to use a free program to automatically post your new blog posts to Twitter and Linkedin (note: The program I describe here will also auto-post to Facebook as well, but I haven’t tested that function).

Here are the steps! [Read more…]

Add Your Podcast Episodes to Facebook

If you are using Libsyn for your media host, they have an app that will allow visitors to your Facebook page view and play your podcast episodes. If you’re not using Libsyn, seriously consider it! And to give you an incentive, use the promo code “brain” when checking out and you’ll get the rest of this month, and the entire next month free!

Anyway, here’s what your Facebook page will look like after you do this:

add podcast to facebook page [Read more…]

How to Create a “Subscribe to My Podcast on iTunes” Button for your WordPress Site

gopodcast avatarIf you want to create an iTunes “Subscribe” button on your website, here’s what I did for
The Overwhelmed Brain podcast:

1. Create or find a graphic that represents a Subscribe button. Here’s one I created for my own site:

If you don’t know how to create the graphic, just steal mine, or find one online – there are tons (do a Google image search for “Subscribe on iTunes”)

2. Go to the iTunes Linkmaker here (US link): https://linkmaker.itunes.apple.com/us/
Locate your podcast, and copy the HTML it gives you for the link. [Read more…]