When Podcasting Isn’t Making the Money, Maybe The Webinar Will!

As a podcaster, you know that podcasting is typically not an income generator. It can be a great funnel to generate income through consulting, products, and even sponsorships. But podcasting itself? Unless you’re hired by a company to be a podcaster, you’ll probably be doing it for free.

As your podcast grows however, you become more credible and people will want to connect with you in other ways. They may even want you to offer a product so they can get more of what you teach. You’ll have more opportunities to make more intimate connections and quite possibly provide those same people with something they really need.

One of the most prolific and well-known podcasters is John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire. He decided to create a product for podcasters called Podcasters’ Paradise to help podcasts create, grow and monetize their podcasts. He was doing okay selling this product / service by talking about it on his podcast. But he quite literally made millions when he adopted a webinar platform to present and be more interactive with the audience.

Yes, millions.

Why? How? Because of the way webinars are setup; With the ability to view the presenter and the presentation and interact and ask questions, it draws the viewer in and creates intimate engagement, more trust, and a general likability. Combine that with a product offering and you have a great combination for many leads and sales.

Enter WebinarNinja. Hands down, this is the best webinar platform I’ve ever used. Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income calls it “super clean and simple… everything is done for you.”

After a year of using the platform, I finally decided to join their affiliate program because I pushed it so much. I figured I might as well get paid to promote it (and have yet to find anything better).
So here’s my pitch…

Here is what I like most about Webinar Ninja: 

  • Setup is simple. You can literally create a new webinar in 10 seconds (you’ll probably use it a couple times before you get to that point, but you will)
    • Choose the webinar type, enter the title, date and time, choose Free or Paid (using the Stripe payment processing platform), click Create Webinar and you’re done!\
  • Optimized to be highly findable in their own webinar search tool: The Webinar Finder and Google too
    • The last minute signups are the most fun when you find out they found your webinar through an internet search
  • Upload slides and docs right into WebinarNinja
    • SO much easier than fumbling through your slides or trying to get your docs in place while live
  • Has all the different webinar types built in
    • Live, automated, hybrid, series, and even highly lucrative virtual summits! Doesn’t cost extra.
  • Single click entry for returning attendees
  • Built in landing pages
  • Fast support for host and attendees
  • Picture in picture, screen share, split screen or full on the fly
  • Easily block the trolls
  • HD quality audio and video, with zero delay!
  • Mobile friendly
  • Automatic email reminders for registrants
  • Live polls
  • Offer widgets that present an offer to attendees directly within the webinar
  • Separate area for attendee questions (outside of normal chat)
  • Instant invite of co-host
  • Integrates with CRM or email software
  • Integrated social buttons (so registrants can share webinar when they register)
  • And more features and integrations than any other webinar platform I’ve seen (and they’re always making it better)

Here are a couple things I don’t like about WebinarNinja (but they are not deal breakers):

  • No phone in option. Imagine the possibilities!
  • No separate break-out rooms for attendees (may not be needed, but nice to have!)
  • That’s all I can think of for now. Comment if you have another gripe or know of a missing feature

Anyway, they have four pricing plans that allow for free trials so you can check any of them out without paying a cent.

Webinars are an amazing way to generate email subscribers and create leads and sales. The people I know that use them often do very well. Feel free to comment if you have any questions about the platform.

Check out the video below for the WebinarNinja 3 minute tour, then head over to their site for your free trial. There’s nothing like it. I’m a customer for life.