Convert Youtube Video to MP3 Audio in Four Easy Steps

youtube video to mp3

This will be the shortest article I’ve ever written because there’s really nothing to this process. If you want to convert a youtube video to an MP3 audio, all you need to do is:

  • Copy the URL of the video
  • Go to this site
  • Paste that URL in the field provided
  • Click Convert Video

That’s it! However, my virus scanner has picked up infected ads on this site before (it’s rare, but some infected ads can appear on occasion), so just keep your virus protection up to date and you’ll be fine. [Read more…]

Removing the Mouth Pops and Clicks from your Podcast in Post Production with Audition

Frequency Spectrum Analysis Adobe Audition Clicks Pops and Smacks Recording 1For about a year, I lived with the pops, smacks, and clicks that emanated from my mouth while recording episodes for my podcast. I just assumed there was nothing I could do about it… until I realized that I could remove any noise above a certain frequency in Adobe Audition. What this means is that any sound above the frequency of my choosing will be eliminated.

Since my voice typically hovers below 8000 Hz, and those smacking, popping noises are usually present at higher ranges, I can essentially remove all data above 8KHz.

The “Spectral Frequency Display” above shows the most common areas of concentration of my voice. When I hear a smack or a pop during the post-production editing process (typically the result from saliva on the tongue or lips), I can either remove that noise by itself, or simply wipe out the entire frequency range.

Here’s how I do it (screens from the PC version of Adobe Audition ver 3. Your version may be slightly different): [Read more…]