How Do I Promote My Podcast Without Breaking the Bank?

promote podcast before podfades market make money podcastingPodcasting is a marketing channel in itself. When you create a new show and provide the RSS feed to iTunes, you should appear in the iTunes New and Noteworthy section. This is like the front page of the podcast world and may be the most exposure you’ll ever receive for your show. [Read more…]

Add Your Podcast Episodes to Facebook

If you are using Libsyn for your media host, they have an app that will allow visitors to your Facebook page view and play your podcast episodes. If you’re not using Libsyn, seriously consider it! And to give you an incentive, use the promo code “brain” when checking out and you’ll get the rest of this month, and the entire next month free!

Anyway, here’s what your Facebook page will look like after you do this:

add podcast to facebook page [Read more…]

Why Your Facebook Group Doesn’t Respond to Your Posts

facebook postsEver post something in a Facebook group that you belong to, to find that no one replies, or even Likes, your post?

There are several reasons why this may happen, and I’d like to share them with you here:

1. No one knows who you are, and you ask for support right out of the gate.

This is one of the top mistakes I see new entrepreneurs and group members make. They join the group, and immediately focus on how others can help them, instead of figuring out how they can help others. [Read more…]