Want Your Podcast on iHeartRadio?

I’ve been a Libsyn client for over three years now and their service just gets better and better (in fact, get a month+ free of their service if you use the codeword “brain” during checkout!) . One of my favorite features of Libsyn is “Destinations”. This is where you tell Libsyn where else you’d like your podcast to air.

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Overview of Libsyn Stats for your Podcast

There are multiple companies that will host your podcast, including Soundcloud, Blubrry, Podbean, Podomatic, and even Amazon S3. I personally use Libsyn as it was highly recommended to me. And now, after using them for almost 3 years, I can say they are a dream to work with and well worth it. If you choose to go with Libsyn, make sure to use the promotional code “brain” and you’ll get the rest of this month, and the entire next month free! 

Anyway, here is an overview of the stats that Libsyn provides:

Total downloads by month and all-time:

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