Want Your Podcast on iHeartRadio?

I’ve been a Libsyn client for over three years now and their service just gets better and better (in fact, get a month+ free of their service if you use the codeword “brain” during checkout!) . One of my favorite features of Libsyn is “Destinations”. This is where you tell Libsyn where else you’d like your podcast to air.

Take a look at this screen shot: 


Google Play Music, the iPhone or Android podcast app, the Libsyn Classic Feed (That’s the RSS you tell iTunes and other podcast aggregators about), Soundcloud, Twitter, and even Facebook and iHeartRadio. Oh wait, did I mention YouTube too? The list grows as they add more, and it makes life so much easier.

Once you set up a destination, you can forget about it and Libsyn handles the rest. Every time I upload a new episode, my Facebook, Twitter, iHeartRadio, YouTube and of course iTunes accounts get the episode shared or uploaded to those sites too. It’s incredibly easy and efficient. I used to have to upload or share to each site individually, but now it’s all taken care of.

Destinations save you so much time and are worth looking into if you’re not utilizing them yet. iHeartRadio is the latest addition to the Destinations in Libsyn and it’s probably the easiest way to get your show on that site. You will need to have hosted with Libsyn a minimum of two months to take advantage of it, but after that you’re good to go. Here’s the tutorial on setting up your destination to iHeartRadio. Feel free to ask any questions about Libsyn or the use of Destinations in the comments below.

Remember, you get a free month+ of service if you use the codeword¬†“brain” during checkout when you go with Libsyn.